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Our WordPress development services are customized to fit your business perfectly. With a team of more than 08 experts and over ten years of experience, we’ve completed more than 600+ successful WordPress projects.


Jones Smith

Senior Full Stack Developer

08 years experience

600+ websites, 8+ Specialists


Rachel Haldims

Senior Frontend Developer

05 years experience


Adnan Ali

Senior WordPress Developer

04 years experience


Bilal Ahmed

PHP, Laravel Developer

04 years experience


Maryam Usman

Backup Developer

01 year experience

Custom WordPress Development Services

Here is a list of WordPress development services we’ve designed for you.


Custom WordPress Website Development

We can create nearly anything using WordPress, ensuring it meets the highest standards. Simply send us your design mock-ups, and we'll transform them into a fully functional and responsive website. With custom WordPress CMS capabilities, you'll have complete control over your site's content.


WordPress Plugin Development

Our team of expert WordPress plugin developers can create almost anything you can imagine for your website. We can enhance your site's functionality beyond what standard WordPress plugins offer. Let us build a custom plugin tailored to your specific needs.


WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress needs regular maintenance to stay updated, stable, and secure. We're here to support you every step of the way. Let us handle all your WordPress maintenance and monitoring, including updates, customizations, and ensuring your website runs smoothly.


Custom WordPress Multisite

With WordPress Multisite, we can help you create and manage multiple websites from one dashboard. It's perfect for businesses, schools, corporations, and SaaS projects. Our custom development ensures the architecture is tailored to your exact needs.


WordPress Security Services

Because WordPress is so popular, it can be a target for hackers. We'll thoroughly check your server, network, and current setup to ensure everything is secure. During this process, we'll inform you if your WordPress needs updates or if your host is insecure, and we'll suggest safe and reliable alternatives.


Custom WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is a top choice for complex eCommerce sites, powering 28% of all eCommerce websites. Let us help you build a professional, fully functional eCommerce store on WordPress or update your existing one. Our experienced WooCommerce development team is ready to assist.


Performance and Speed Optimization

Is your WordPress site running slow? Let us take a look. We'll conduct a detailed performance audit to identify any issues affecting your site's speed and propose an optimization plan. We have the expertise to make your WordPress site lightning-fast.


WordPress Migration

We offer perfect custom WordPress development solutions for websites moving from another platform or switching to a new hosting provider. We ensure you retain all capabilities with your new CMS and make the migration process smooth and seamless, so your visitors won't notice any difference.


WordPress Headless CMS

With our experience in custom WordPress development and using the WordPress REST API, we can build complex web apps and lightning-fast websites. We leverage the WordPress core and use it as a headless CMS to create powerful APIs.

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Turning Transactions into Trust

"NeeFox® website design and development services surpassed our expectations. Their team was responsive, creative, and detail-oriented. The end result perfectly reflects our brand identity and has significantly improved user engagement. Highly recommend!"

Sarah Johnson

"Working with NeeFox® on our website redesign was a breeze. Their team understood our vision and delivered a stunning website that exceeded our expectations. The level of customization and attention to detail was outstanding. Thank you, NeeFox®!"

Emily Brown

"NeeFox® website design and development team is top-notch. They transformed our outdated website into a modern, user-friendly platform. The entire process was seamless, and we're thrilled with the results!"

David Smith

Keeping Quality at Its Peak

Let’s add more value. Here’s what you can rely on with us.


No Unnecessary Plugins

We don't rely on plugins for every little task. Instead, we create custom WordPress features. We only use plugins like Yoast or WooCommerce when absolutely needed.


Server Installation

You can trust us to set up your WordPress website on either a staging or live server of your choice. No extra charges. We've got it all sorted for you!


Responsive by Default

Tablet and mobile optimization are standard. Don't have responsive designs? No worries. Our developers will take care of it.


User-Friendly Admin Panels

Designing a simple admin panel isn't easy, but we specialize in creating user-friendly ones. Our goal is to ensure that end-users aren't overwhelmed by complex options, making managing your site a breeze.


Custom Theme Development

We specialize in crafting unique WordPress sites from scratch, without relying on pre-made templates. Everything is tailored to your exact needs, ensuring you get precisely what you want, with no extra clutter.


Fast Loading Optimization

We use tools to measure and enhance every part of your website: from page size to load time and rendering. Our services cover everything, from optimizing sprites to fine-tuning servers.


CSS Framework Usage

Whether you prefer Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Materialize, or Skeleton, just tell us your choice, and we'll use it. No extra charges apply.


Custom Fields

We'll integrate any custom fields library you prefer, whether it's ACF, CFS, or our advanced WordPress custom fields library, Carbon Fields, developed by our team.



We follow strict coding standards that include using CSS preprocessors for all our projects. Just tell us your favorite one, and we'll implement it.

Developing Top-Notch Customized Websites

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